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Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence

Mission Statement 

Cal Poly Pomona Inclusive Excellence is committed to the urgent and ongoing work of creating and sustaining an inclusive campus climate in which all are welcomed, respected and our diversity is valued. 

Embodying Cal Poly Pomona’s core institutional values of diversity and inclusivity is the responsibility of every member of our community. The role of Inclusive Excellence is to work with the campus community to ensure that those values are deeply embedded in every aspect of our community. 

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Inclusive Excellence Council

The Cal Poly Pomona Inclusive Excellence Council serves as an advisory body to the university, focused on fostering our campus value of inclusivity. The council endeavors to foster a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and respectful campus community for all students, faculty and staff. 

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CPP Listens

CPP Listens serves as a coordinated point of contact to capture instances that promote our campus value of inclusivity, as well as those that fall short. Submissions will be used to identify patterns, to recognize and celebrate acts of inclusion, to develop strategies for community improvement where needed and appropriately address those incidents in a timely and transparent fashion. 

More about CPP Listens 

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