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CSU Racial Equity Leadership Alliance

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At the CSU Juneteenth Symposium in 2022, attendees recognized the need for ongoing education and engagement, particularly among campus leaders, to embed racial equity into all our campus operations. As a way of addressing this need, Cal State Dominguez Hills spearheaded the effort to bring the CSU campuses together to learn as a group through the resources offered by the USC Race and Equity Center.

Cal Poly Pomona joined in this effort and established a cohort of campus leaders and aspiring leaders to engage in one monthly 2-hour professional learning session with colleagues at nine other CSU campuses. These live, high-quality experiences are held virtually and delivered by well-respected leaders in racial equity and by specialists from the USC Race and Equity Center.

Following each month’s virtual session, a 1-hour in-person session for the CPP campus is held where participants discuss what was gleaned in the learning session and how they can apply it to their work on the CPP campus.


Topics for the 2023-24 Racial Equity Leadership Alliance Series

  • Messaging Institutional Commitment to Racial Equity
  • Embedding Racial Equity in Workplace Practices and Policies
  • Understanding and Confronting Anti-Black Racism
  • Equity-Minded Student Affairs Practices
  • Resolving Racial Tensions Among Employees
  • Recruiting and Hiring Faculty of Color
  • Integrating Racial Topics in Courses Across the Curriculum
  • Teaching the Truth About America’s Racial History
  • Inclusive Classrooms and Teaching Practices
  • Supporting and Empowering Undocumented Students
  • Erasure of AAPI and Native American Students and Employees
  • Using Survey Data to Improve Campus Racial Climate
    Monday, March 4 from 10am-12pm



An additional benefit of membership in the CSU Racial Equity Leadership Alliance is access for all members of the Cal Poly Pomona campus to a repository of resources, including the recordings of the eConvenings. These resources are provided by the USC Race and Equity Center through their EquityConnect portal. Instructions for gaining access are provided below.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to: Don't have an account? Click "Sign-Up Here"
  3. Under category, select "Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (CSUs)" from the drop-down menu
  4. Under institution, select Cal Poly Pomona
  5. Fill in your personal information. For email ID, put just your name as it appears in your email address prior to the @ sign.


Questions about CPP’s membership in the Racial Equity Leadership Alliance can be directed to