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Cal Poly Pomona's Bronco FSAE Team Takes Center Stage at LA Auto Show

Formula SAE team at the LA Auto Show.

In a showcase of innovation, the Bronco Motorsports Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team took center stage at the prestigious 2023 LA Auto Show, held at the LA Convention Center.

The LA Auto Show organizers acknowledged the team's excellence at the November event by sponsoring a dedicated spot for Bronco Motorsports to display their two best performing racecars in the history of CPP FSAE.

A team member discusses the Cal Poly Pomona with bystanders.

The team had the opportunity to unveil their 2023 design, BM-23, which consisted of new livery plus major updates on the systems component. Alongside, the new design was their 2016 racecar, highlighting their journey of international racing in Austria, Germany and Italy.

"BM-23 ranked top 10 fastest racecar in the nation," said Sneha Ramakrishnan, Bronco Motorsports team president. "It was really cool to have two of the fastest cars at the LA Auto show."

The event not only served as a platform to demonstrate their hands-on learning, but also proved to be a networking goldmine. The team engaged with representatives from major companies, leveraging the opportunity to secure sponsorships for the team.

Alex Yuen, an electromechanical systems student and team leader expressed how this event marked an important moment for him. Reflecting on his childhood visits to the LA Auto Show with his mother, Yuen expressed his sense of fulfillment as the team unveiled their 2023 racecar design.

"I've come to the LA Auto Show with my mom when I was younger. Seeing all the cars, it was a dream. And now, our car (BM-23) is actually on display here, something that I helped build, so it's full circle moment and really rewarding," said Yuen.