Office of Equity and Compliance

Pregnant, Nursing and/or Parenting Employees & Students

The University recognizes that many nursing, pregnant and/or parenting employees and students exist outside of the binary construction of gender; please be aware that some of the language throughout these sections is reflective of legal text, which we recognize may be limiting in terms of identity.

Cal Poly Pomona is committed to promoting a family-friendly environment by providing programs and services to help students and employees achieve success at the University and in their personal lives. In supporting a family-friendly environment, the University recognizes the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants.

Pregnant, parenting and lactating students, faculty and staff are protected under our CSU anti-discrimination/anti-harassment policy. If you have any questions or concerns relative to support and accommodations, please contact the Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Equity and Diversity.