Office of Equity and Compliance

Title IX Coordinated Community Review Team


The Title IX Coordinated Community Review Team (CCRT) is responsible for a campus collaborative approach to preventing and addressing sexual misconduct through proactively supporting, engaging, and sustaining a campus environment that values and promotes a culture of respect. The CCRT serves in an advisory capacity to campus leadership and community members about exemplary practices in policies, education, prevention and response to sexual misconduct.

Composition of Leadership

Membership in the CCRT shall include campus community members and those with connections to community resources who are dedicated to furthering the mission and goals of the CCRT. At a minimum, the CCRT shall include at least one representative from the following groups:

  • Associated Students, Inc.
  • Athletics
  • Community Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Center
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Faculty
  • Greek Life
  • Housing
  • Orientation Services
  • Peer Education
  • Pride Center
  • Residential Life
  • Students Representatives (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Student Health Center
  • Student Conduct and Integrity
  • Student Success
  • Survivor Advocacy Services
  • Title IX
  • University Police Department
  • Women’s Resource Center

Role of Team Members

Each member of the CCRT is expected to commit to the mission and responsibilities as delineated and actively participate in the meetings and activities. It is also essential for members to remain current with complex issues facing colleges and universities relative to sexual misconduct. Participating in education programs and trainings and seeking to be informed through media coverage and conversations discussed at the national, state, and local levels are ways in which members of the committee can increase awareness knowledge for ourselves and for the broader Cal Poly Pomona community.

Purpose and Responsibilities

There are many large and small ways to create a campus culture where students, parents, faculty, and staff work collectively to keep all members of the community safe. To truly foster a culture of respect, there must be commitment and efforts made at every level within the university. Change comes from campus leadership in establishing standards of behavior, systems of accountability and survivor support, as well as from students (undergraduate and graduate) who engage with their peers and safely step in to end sexual misconduct.

In as many ways as possible, the CCRT is to approach prevention and response to sexual misconduct through the provision of trauma-informed survivor support; implementation of transparent and equitable policies and practices relative to campus investigations, adjudication and sanctions; robust and meaningful education at all levels of the university; campus-wide mobilization in partnership with campus constituents; and ongoing self-assessment of university prevention and response efforts.

Foster Communication for Meaningful Prevention Education and Awareness

The CCRT is a way to connect and leverage the experiences, expertise and insight of Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, staff and community partners who are committed to developing and promoting effective, comprehensive campus efforts toward the prevention and elimination of sexual misconduct. The CCRT will convene on a bi-monthly basis and as needed to collectively assist with identifying strategies for ensuring that all students and employees:

  • Know the University’s prohibition against sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence and stalking;
  • Recognize sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and various forms of sexual misconduct when they occur;
  • Know what remedies are available to survivors;
  • Know how and to whom to report any incidents of sexual misconduct;
  • Understand the connection between alcohol and drug abuse and sexual misconduct; and
  • Feel assured that the university will respond promptly and equitably to all reports and disclosures of sexual misconduct.

The goal is to align priorities and form partnerships to mobilize efforts of various groups toward improving a common outcome, which is to raise awareness of the impact of campus sexual misconduct, reduce and eliminate the occurrence or recurrence of such acts, and to promote gender equity, healthy relationships and healthy sexuality.

Engage the Campus Community

All CCRT activities will be collaborative with campus and community resources to foster a consistent message and understanding of the mission and goals. This includes using multiple methods and mediums to communicate a unified message to various campus and community audiences that sexual misconduct is not tolerated and that survivors of sexual misconduct have options for support.

The CCRT will collaborate with campus partners and departments, student government, fraternities, sororities and other student groups and organizations to facilitate conversations about sex that focus on individual choices along the continuum of sexual activity. These conversations will help identify and popularize healthy sexuality and adherence to the elements of consent notwithstanding the spectrum of genders, gender identities, and sexual identities. Such strategies will be multifaceted and will include but not be limited to such activities as classroom curricular discussions, health promotion programs, social media campaigns, peer education, and public opportunities for civil discourse.

Bridge to Title IX Coordinator and Advisory Capacity

The CCRT will provide to the Title IX Coordinator consultation and recommendations regarding the effectiveness of campus prevention and awareness efforts, including existing programs, proposed initiatives, and training opportunities. The CCRT will also provide the Title IX Coordinator with information concerning any broader systemic issues that need to be addressed along with recommendations for resolution.