Strategic Communications

Sharing News

The following are ways we share news with the campus community, including the following:


PolyCentric is Cal Poly Pomona’s official news source, bringing together news, digital communication and multimedia to help tell the university’s story.

To suggest an item for PolyCentric or simply make Strategic Communications aware of a situation, email or call 909-869-3342.

CPP This Week

CPP This Week

CPP This Week is a weekly e-newsletter sent to all employees on Tuesdays.

The deadline to submit to CPP This Week is 5 p.m. the Thursday before publication. Please send submissions to The maximum length is 150 words, with a headline that is four to eight words long. Please include a weblink, contact information, and a description, and if an event, include the date, time and location. Please also add events to the university’s master events calendar. Announcements may be edited and will run a maximum of four weeks (please specify if fewer). Accuracy is the responsibility of the person submitting the information.

social media icons

Social Media

Want to reach out via FacebookTwitterInstagram and/or LinkedIn? Write, comment or direct message us. Strategic Communications also uses PolyCentric material to create posts.


#CPPtogether is an e-newsletter sent to all students and employees. To submit an announcement, email a short blurb to
university marquees


The university’s electronic marquees communicate major university-related activities or news. Strategic Communications determines the frequency and length of messages to meet the needs of the campus community. Submit requests using the marquee submission form at least two weeks in advance of the first desired display date. 
Cal Poly Pomona Stylebook


A stylebook serves three significant purposes: 1. it acts as an arbiter of factual and grammatical accuracy; 2. It ensures clarity and consistency, and; 3. It serves as a reference work. The Cal Poly Pomona Stylebook is intended to supplement and occasionally supersede the Associated Press Stylebook, which is the industry standard.

The Poly Post

The Poly Post

To notify the student-run The Poly Post newspaper about a news item, email
students chalking

Campus Postings and Chalking

Informational flyers that are approved by the Office of Student Life can be tacked on bulletin boards and put on stakes at specific campus locations. Messages can also be chalked in specific campus areas. Visit the Office of Student Life's website to learn more. It is found under "Posting and Chalking Policies" on the list.