Womxn's Resource Center

Womxn of Distinction Awards

In this unique celebration, the Womxn's Resource Center recognizes graduating students and award faculty, staff, and students with annual awards. You can help us honor and celebrate all of the hard working womxn on campus my nominating a student, faculty, or staff for an award or participate in our pinning ceremony as a graduating student!

Categories include:

Distinguished Womxn of the Year (Staff, faculty, graduating students eligible) - Three awards in total

This nominee is a womxn identified person who you believe has made an impact in the community throughout their time at Cal Poly Pomona. You should be able to share the achievements of this person for their time at CPP, the difference they have made in our community, and how this person has been an agent of change within the community. Please provide examples and/or experiences of their accomplishments.


Ally Award (Staff, faculty, students eligible)

This nominee is someone who has shown the support and dedication as an Ally for womxn in our community at Cal Poly Pomona. They may have shown this allyship through advocacy efforts, volunteering, and/or showing dedication to uplifting the womxn in our community. Please provide examples and/or experiences.


Lifting As We Climb Award (non-graduating students eligible)

This nominee is someone who is a student that is not graduating this year and that has personally grown over the past year. They have shown their dedication and impact in our community, so much that you can't wait to see what they will do next. Please provide examples and experiences of both how they have grown personally and how they have been bringing others along on their journey.

The pinning ceremony is for Graduating Students. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please fill out the form below. The pinning ceremony takes place at the Womxn of Distinction awards. This ceremony is for graduating students and someone who has had a positive impact on their journey to getting their degree. This guest will assist in the ceremony as the person who "pins" them. In order to reserve a spot, students will need to know the name and e-mail address of their quest who will be pinning them.

Nominations are available in February/March and the form can be found on this webpage.