Institutional Equity and Compliance

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Having access to a comfortable and safe public restroom should not be a luxury. Transgender, gender nonconforming, and gender questioning (TGQQ) people often face the burden of being confronted or questioned about which gender's restroom they should use. In a study conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality (2015) of transgender Americans, 59% of respondents reported avoiding using a public restroom, and 24% had their presence challenged. TGQQ people deserve the privilege to use restrooms in public without having to make a choice that invalidates their identity. Single-stall and multi-stall all-gender restrooms achieve that purpose.

Gender inclusive, unisex restrooms provide facilities that can be inclusive to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or presentation. The presence of single-occupancy and unisex restrooms may additionally be of importance to those with disabilities, those with caretakers, and families. 

Single-stall/gender-inclusive restrooms