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International Travel

The information contained on this webpage will provide the traveler with a helpful guide as they complete their travel documents which are to be routed through the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs office.  By following this guide, we ensure that your travel paperwork will be routed through our office and submitted to University Accounting Services in a timely manner for reimbursement. 

International travel requests that must be routed through the Provost’s office for signature are:

  1. Faculty traveling on State Business (any amount)
  2. Administrators who directly report to the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs (any dollar amount)

Click on the links below for information on:

For Faculty Traveling with Students

For faculty who are traveling with student(s), the faculty international travel documents as well as the student(s) travel documents must be submitted to the Provost's office for approval.  Once the Provost has approved the travel for the faculty member, the Provost's office will route the student(s) travel documents to Whitney Fields, Executive Director, Institutional Risk & Emergency Management, Institutional Risk for review and approval.

NOTE: The international travel authorization form for students is different than the documents for faculty.  The ASI office should be contacted for student international travel information and forms.

Study Abroad

Please visit the International Center's website for study abroad information,

College Travel Designees

Below is a list of the college travel designees.  All authorization to travel forms and travel claims must be submitted to your college's designee for approval prior to it being delivered tot the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  Travel Designee Extension Office Email
Agriculture Penne Fode x2201 2-220   
Business Administration Vicky Siongco x2352 164-2005
Collins College Chitra Perera x4471 79 B-2220
Education & Integrative Studies Zeida Garcia x2305 6-215

Engineering Mary Shoo x2472 9-227
Environmental Design Frances Loya x2667 7-107B
Extended University Sylvia Nguyen or Terrie Taylor x4653 or x4737 220c-140 or
Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Grace Santos x3942 5-158

Science Eve Garcia x5320 8-3
University Library Cheryl Meaux x3086 15-4539G
Academic Programs Ingrid Cantrell x3329 98-T7-16
Office of Research Charlene Saunders x2955 1-225B

Academic Planning, Policy and
Faculty Affairs

Mary Jane Wade x3418 98-T7-7

Institutional Research &
Academic  Resources

Mary Salazar x3405 1-110