Risk Management

Student Travel Guidelines

CSU Student Travel Policy

Requirements for student participation in programs which require air or bus travel that are offered through any CSU-affliated programs (including a student body organization, or any organization affiliated with any such organization) are detailed in the CSU Student Travel Policy (Executive Order No. 1041).

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories

If traveling outside of the United States, please visit the U.S. Department of State site for information about travel advisories currently in effect.  Travel to any country where there is a U.S. State Department “Level 3” or “Level 4” Travel Advisory is prohibited without prior approval by the campus President.

Release, Hold Harmless and Informed Consent Provisions for Student Travel

Students participating in CSU-affiliated programs which require travel do so on a voluntary basis and participate at their own risk. Travel involves risks to personal safety which could result in damage to property, injury or death. Students participating in such travel are required to read the "Notice to Students: Release, Hold harmless and Informed Consent Provisions for Student Travel " and to sign a "Release, Hold-Harmless and Informed Consent" statement. Below is a link to the Student Travel Packet, which includes both the notice and required release form:

Student Travel Information and Forms:

Please contact the Provost's Office at mlarriaza@cpp.edu, x 4382, for the Student Travel Information Packet

Minimum Travel Insurance

As outlined in the CSU Student Travel Policy (see link at the top of this webpage), students participating in the CSU-affiliated programs who are traveling by air on flights which are not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and/or are not subject to liability insurance minimums established by the U.S. Department of Transportation shall first obtain, or have obtained on their behalf, trip insurance covering bodily injury or death of the student and for the loss of or damage to property in the maximum amount available from American insurance carriers.

Each charter of aircraft or bus for purpose of CSU student air or bus travel shall include indemnity and co-insurance provisions as outline in Attachments B, C, D, E, F, and G of the CSU Student Travel Policy (Executive Order No. 1041), as appropriate.

Who to Contact Regarding Insurance for Travel Outside of the United States

Students participating in a Cal Poly Pomona Study Abroad Program should contact the International Center for all details about the program, including insurance requirements.

All other students traveling outside the United States through a CSU-affiliated program should contact Valerie Eberle, Manager of Benefits, Workers' Compensation and Risk Programs, Risk Management Services, at 909-869-4846, regarding insurance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance coverage is provided for enrolled students of the CSU who travel when participating in a school sponsored activity?

The California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) provides enrolled students of the CSU with:

  • A “Student Travel Accident” insurance policy that provides coverage for injuries sustained while away from Campus or traveling to or from campus when participating in a school sponsored activity. The coverage applies to travel or participation in activities away from campus which is a part of a course requirement, or is sponsored by a university auxiliary organization or other recognized student organization or club, includes travel to or from intercollegiate athletic events away from campus but does not include participation in such events or practices. 

    This insurance is intended to supplement, not replace, coverage under any other health care plan. As excess insurance, this policy pays after any other heath care plan. It is an accident only policy and will not pay benefits for loss caused by or resulting from illness of any form or disease. The total maximum benefit amount is $10,000 per covered person, per covered accident. The policy does not include travel to offsite events such as social events or fund raisers.
  • A “Foreign Travel Insurance Program” that provides coverage for emergency medical, travel, personal and security services, supplies embassy and consular contracts worldwide and assists in replacing lost documents, legal assistance and security assistance. Additional information including policy limits can be provided upon request.

Where can I obtain information/guidelines regarding academic field trips and the required release form for participating?

Details regarding academic field trips can be found on the required Release of Liability form . A separate Notice to Students and other documents can be found on the Risk Management Services' Forms website.