University Accounting Services

Submitting Your Travel Expense Report

Per ICSUAM and the CSU Travel Procedures, the Travel Expense Report must be submitted for reimbursement within 60 days of the end of the trip. Travel expense reports submitted past 60 days of the end of a trip will require exception approval from the Vice President in the traveler’s respective division. Every effort will be made to process reimbursements within ten (10) business days from the receipt of a completed Expense Report in Accounts Payable. In the event additional documentation is needed from the traveler to complete the Expense Report, reimbursement processing may exceed the ten (10) business day standard.

Submit your travel expense report to Accounts Payable, via Concur:

  • An approved Travel Request must be associated with your Expense Report in Concur, attached at the bottom of the Report Header.
  • Itemized receipts are required to be uploaded for all business travel related expenses of $75 or more. Receipts should be clearly marked “paid” or show a zero balance. Payment method should be clearly identifiable on the itemized receipt. Supporting documentation may include, but is not limited to:
    • Air travel receipt
    • Lodging receipt
    • Business expenses receipts (ex: copy services, internet fees, registration, supplies, etc.)
    • Conference agenda
  • Proper approval routing of the Expense Report will be done within Concur through the Approval Workflow programmed into the system. Approval will be routed based on the business travel details input on the Expense Report (i.e. Domestic versus International travel, etc.).

Every effort should be made to obtain itemized receipts for all business related expenses of $75 or more. If all efforts have been exhausted to obtain a duplicate itemized receipt, a statement should be provided explaining why such receipts are not being submitted with the Travel Expense Report. The statement must include a certification that the amount shown is the amount actually paid and that the traveler has not and will not seek reimbursement from any other source.

The Missing Receipt Affidavit Form. PDF may be used to support a receipt that is not provided, and can be attached to the Expense Report as support of the purchase.

Proper approval should be obtained on the Expense Report for the expense. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation or administrator approval, the amount involved will not be reimbursed.

The University expects travelers to utilize state funds prudently, understand and follow the Travel Procedures and submit Expense Reports in a timely manner to ensure the University remains in compliance with all applicable requirements. Exceptions to the Travel Procedures will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; with authority to approve exceptions delegated from the President as follows:

Domestic Travel

  • President's Office: Chief of Staff
  • Division of Academic Affairs: College Dean and Executive Director of Academic Research and Resources for individuals not affiliated with a specific college
  • Division of Administrative Affairs: Vice President
  • Division of University Advancement: Vice President
  • Division of Information Technology: Vice President
  • Division of Student Affairs: Vice President

International Travel

  • Provost/Vice President of each division

The Travel Procedures Exception Request Form (PDF) should be completed and submitted with the Expense Report to support the approval or denial of the request. Note: Exceptions to the nightly lodging cap will be approved through the submission of the Travel Request.