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Welcome to the Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog.

For your convenience, we have broken down the 500+ page University Catalog into several sections. These sections are indicated by the links positioned along the left-hand of the page. To begin browsing these sections, click one of the left-hand links.

Positioned above this welcome paragraph are three important features...

First, a link to all the previous University Catalog editions.
Second, a link to information regarding how to obtain a Print Edition of this catalog.
Third, a search feature to find any relevant information for any Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog. This search is provided by Google. Specifically, it searches for any relevant documents within Cal Poly Pomona relating to your search and the University Catalog.
University Catalog 2003-2004 CD ROM and Print edition will be available June 10th 2003 in the Bronco Bookstore.


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