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College of Business Administration

Management and Human Resources

The Management and Human Resources Department (MHR) is about people, whether you're leading them or working in staff positions for their benefit in organizational settings of any kind.

MHR offers a concentration that is flexible and adaptive to student needs and experiences. A primary focus in MHR classes is student-collaborative (hands-on) learning. The emphasis is on the role of people in management, through three primary career-elective tracks:

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

A program for students who prefer to start and manage a business of their own or for those who wish to work for a small business.

Human Resources Management 

A program for those who wish to provide administrative staff services in public and private organizations focusing on human factors at work.


Management offers students the opportunity for a broader course of study in business and management.

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Student Testimonial


"I’ve had a wonderful experience taking the theory I learned in class and applying it in my internship as an HR Assistant. Cal Poly Pomona has been a major influence in directing me to the right opportunities and it’s satisfying to know that I’ve already chosen the right career for me." -- Tywanna Hill