College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Audition Information

Policy on Auditions and Casting (effective Fall 2014)

The audition process is an ensemble-based experience, meaning once you audition, you are consenting to be in either the Main-stage or Studio show. The directors will cast based on the needs of each production and rehearsal schedules will be announced when the cast list goes up. Cal Poly Pomona has a rehearsal schedule of Mondays through Saturdays and Sundays when needed.

Rehearsal schedules may be amended due to the demands of the directors and you must be available for those times as part of their cast.

Call-backs must be attended for both the Studio series and Main-stage shows for you to be considered for the casting of these shows each quarter. The directors will cast based on the needs of each production and what is best for each show and the department.  For casting, the department will honor all departmental majors first, then acting minors; if the department needs to, in order to fulfill the specific casting demands of the shows, we will go outside of the department and the university to cast the shows.

If you are an Acting Option Major or Minor you are required to audition for all shows, the entire season.  If you cannot accept a role for personal reasons such as work conflicts, you must inform the faculty in writing two weeks before the scheduled posted auditions for the shows for each quarter: Fall, Winter and Spring.  If you do not, you will be ineligible for casting for the next ONE consecutive quarter for both Main stage and Studio shows. Again you are still required to audition even if you cannot accept a role and that includes both Acting option-Majors and Acting option-Minors.  Actors will not be considered for two consecutive leads from quarter to quarter and that includes spring to fall quarter.  This policy does not apply to summer SCSF casting needs.

In addition, you are expected to arrive for your scheduled audition, 30 minutes before your appointment time.  If for any reason you miss your audition appointment (without notifying the Stage Manager you will ineligible for casting for the next one consecutive quarter for both main stage and studio shows.  If for any reason, barring an emergency, you drop out of a show, or are removed, once you are cast you will be ineligible for casting for the next two quarters for both shows as well as for the Southern California Shakespeare Festival summer season, unless it is excused and/or approved by the Faculty.

Freshmen are not eligible for casting for either the Main stage or the Studio series.  All students including Acting option-minors must have taken at least TH150 Voice and Movement or be enrolled in that course to be considered for casting for Main stage or Studio shows.

Transfers may have taken the equivalent of that level of Voice and Movement at another university and will be considered for casting. If you are a Transfer student who has received credit for Acting One, Acting Two, and Acting Three at another college as well as Voice and Movement and you chose not to take any of these courses at Cal Poly Pomona, you are not considered as a casting priority in our department for either the Main-stage or Studio series.

Students are required to sign the audition form and initial the cast list which specifically states the policies regarding professional behavior and ensemble etiquette, which includes lateness, as well all departmental and university policies regarding alcohol and drugs.  Your signing and initialing is your contract to uphold these policies. If for any reason you violate any of these policies, you will be dismissed from the cast immediately. You will be ineligible for casting for the next two quarters for all department al shows, plus for the SCSF summer season as well. The above policies will be strictly enforced.