Audio Recording

audio recording in session

What is it?

An audio recording begins as a sound file that can be integrated into visual presentations, saved as a podcast, or uploaded into your blackboard course. Our sound technicians work with you to help you record quality sound files in our sound-proof booth. The edited files are then burned to DVD or transferred to your thumb drive.

How does it help?

Audio recordings provide aural presentation of hard-to-grasp concepts, address multiple learning styles, are used to accentuate pictorial content such as photos or diagrams, facilitate mobile learning due to small file size, and promote active engagement. 

Main points to consider

  1.  Request your appointments three to four weeks in advance.

  2. Bring two copies of your script to the recording session (it’s best to avoid improvisation).

  3. If you make a mistake during the recording, pause, say the word “again”, and repeat the sentence.

  4. If recording audio for slides, say the slide number prior to reading the slide script.

  5. Allow at least one week for the technician to edit your recording; you will receive an email informing you that the CD of your recording is ready for pick-up.