Video Conferencing / Skype

video conferencing in session

What is it?

Video conferencing and skype services provide real-time interaction with off-site experts, colleagues and classmates. 

How does it help?

Rather than asking guest presenters to travel to campus, they can connect with you and your students via the Internet.  It is a low-cost alternative for conducting candidate interviews. (Note: a charge of $30 per hour is charged for facilitating candidate interviews.  Please contact for details). 

Main Points to Consider

  1. Request your appointment three weeks in advance.
  2. Provide Media Vision staff with the name of the technical contact(s) at the other conferencing site(s).
  3. Create Powerpoint slides or other materials you plan to use during the video conference (see resources section for formatting tips).
  4. When speaking during the conference, be sure to start with your name and site location (e.g.  This is Billy Bronco from Cal Poly Pomona).
  5. If you would like your session recorded, please inform Media Vision prior to the event; we will upload your recording and provide you with a web link to the video. Please see accessibility section for captioning requirements.