College of Science

About the Department

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is administratively situated within the College of Science. There are approximately 380 undergraduate majors, in addition to which there are approximately 25 graduate students and 16 tenure-track faculty members. The Department typically graduates between 15 and 30 majors each year.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry offered by the department has three program options in order to permit students to tailor their curriculum choices to fit their career goals. The three options are: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Industrial Chemistry.  The program with the Chemistry option leads to a degree certified by the American Chemical Society.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department faculty and staff strive to provide students with a stimulating and challenging educational experience. In the tradition of Cal Poly Pomona's "learn-by-doing" motto, chemistry and biochemistry students will be engaged through extensive laboratory study, yet retain the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to their career goals. For students who are willing to work hard, the curriculum will prepare you to position yourself well in today's job market or for further professional study. Take advantage of the opportunity to study the "central science" with our department.