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Tenure-Track Faculty Search Commences

The department is recruiting for two tenure-track faculty positions in organic chemistry that will start in Fall 2019. The position description and application information can be found here. 

Dr. Page's Work Receives Recognition 

For some students, using proportional reasoning (abstract reasoning. AR) has been shown to be successful in developing their understanding of topics like stoichiometry. A traditional approach to teaching stoichiometry often involves using dimensional analysis (concrete reasoning, CR). A study, led by Dr. Michael Page, supports the efficacy of proportional reasoning to teach stoichiometry and has garnered international recognition in the Royal Society of Chemistry's publication, Education in Chemistry (July 30)

NSF RUI Awarded to Dr. Alex John 

ajohnDr. Alex John was just awarded a $240,000 NSF RUI, for his proposal entitled "Evaluation of Ligand Effects in Molybdenum Catalyzed Deoxydehydration Reaction." Dr. John's lab is interested in development of cost-effective metal catalysts that remove adjacent hydroxyl groups from organic substrates to form a carbon-carbon double bond. Congratulations to Dr. John! 

Dr. John Publishes Paper

Dr. Alex John and his colleagues recently published the paper entitled "Dual-catalytic decarbonylation of fatty acid methyl esters to form olefins" in the journal Chemical Communications (see DOI: 10.1039/C8CC03823F). Congratulations to Dr. John!

2018 Department Scholarships Awarded

scholarship winners

The department recognized its scholarship winners for 2018 on Thursday, May 24th at a luncheon event. A total of $11,500 was awarded to the following students: Uyen Dinh, Quyen Huynh, Tiffany Lopez, Maiko Lunn, Stephanie Mora Garcia, Erica Hummel, Sevan Menachekanian, Alexander Wang, and Riddhima Kumar. Congratulations to all! 


Promotion and Tenure Awarded

Dr. Yan Liu, who joined the Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty in Fall 2012, has been granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor beginning August 20, 2018. Congratulations to Dr. Liu! 

Department SPICE Awards for 2018

This year, in the SPICE Innovative Approaches to Instruction program, Drs. Katie McCulloch and Chantal Stieber were awarded $18.5k to develop a protein crystallography module and purchase laptops for use in the undergraduate biochemistry laboratory. For the SPICE Classroom and Laboratory Modernization program, Drs. Yan Liu and Alex John were awarded $25k to aquire a SMART Flash Chromatography system. These efforts by our faculty continue to help provide student access to modern instrumentation and techniques as we prepare them to be workforce ready. 

Dr. Barding Recognized as Outstanding Advisor


AdvisorCongratulations to Dr. Greg Barding for his selection as the 2018 Outstanding Faculty Advisor for the College of Science. Barding was recognized for his work in advising and mentoring students at the University's Outstanding Advisor Awards on April 26th.

CSUPERB New Investigator Grant Awarded to Dr. McCulloch

Dr. Kathryn McCulloch's proposal entitled "Investigating the Structural Basis of Secondary Bile Acid Production" was selected for funding ($14,058) in the CSUPERB New Investigator Program. Congratulations to Dr. McCulloch!

Dr. Barding Publishes Paper

Dr. Greg Barding and coworkers published their work entitled A Metabolomics Study of BPTES Altered Metabolism in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines in the May 15 issue of Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. 

Dr. Starkey Publishes Book

Dr. Laurie Starkey has published the second edition of her book entitled "Introduction of Strategies of Organic Synthesis"

22 Cal Poly Pomona Students Co-Author Paper with Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty

The article entitled "Metabolism and Biodegradation of Spacecraft Cleaning Reagents by Strains of Spacecraft-Associated Acinetobacter" was recently published in the journal Astrobiology. This work, under the guidance of Dr. Rakesh Mogul and Dr. Gregory Barding of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, involved 22 student co-authors from Cal Poly Pomona-17 from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and 5 from Biological Sciences. The paper explores how cleaning reagents used in spacecraft assembly facilities may support the existence of microbial communities, an important factor in preventing biological contamination in future life-detecting missions in our solar system. 


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