College of Science

Financial Support

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Textbook library and Accessory loan

LSAMP has a STEM textbook library, from which students may check out books and save on a major college expense. The program has been able to purchase two textbook copies for various science and engineering courses. The textbooks and accessories can be checked out for a 24 hour time period from the Office (3-2123) by leaving your Bronco ID. Below, you will find what can be checked out from the loan program. 


Lab coats

Lab goggles


Organic chemistry sets

Dissection kits

Textbooks for:

CBEST exam

GRE exam

Bio 115

Bio 121, 122, 123

Bio 211

Bio 303

Bio 310

Bio 325

Bio 413

Mic 201

Chm 121, 122, 123

Chm 121, 122, 123 solutions

Chm 201

Chm 221

Chm 314, 315, 316

Chm 314, 315, 316 solutions

Chm 327, 328, 329

CS 130

Mat 105

Mat 106

Mat 114, 115, 116

Mat 214, 215

Mat 485

ME 214

ME 215

ME 218

ME 311

MFE 126

Phy 121, 122, 123

Phy 131, 132, 133

STA 120

Exams and Admission

The Cal Poly Pomona LSAMP program has financial resources dedicated to improving LSAMP student competitiveness for admission to graduate school. The following opportunities are designed to attract, expose and support our students so that they are better prepared to gain admission in to graduate school.

  • LSAMP will pay for the GRE examination 
  • LSAMP will pay for graduate school application fees for graduating seniors.

Travel funds

Students in the program have access to funds so that they can travel to conferences and present their research at local and national meetings.

LSAMP sends students to the Southern California Forum for Diversity on Graduate Education.