College of Science

Colloquium Schedule

All are welcome to our colloquia. Refreshments will be served prior to the talk. If you are interested in giving a colloquim please contact Prof. Arlo Caine or Prof. Ivan Ventura.

Spring Quarter 2018

Date Time  Location  Speaker and Title
Mar. 28 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Dr. Melinda Lanius, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "Ice cream geometry: a mathematical activity and coloring book" (PDF)
Apr. 12 12:05PM-12:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Berit Givens, Cal Poly Pomona, "An exploration of triangular-square numbers" (PDF)
Apr. 18 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Lilian Metlitzky and & Prof. Greisy Winicki-Landman, Cal Poly Pomona, "Rethinking Mathematics and its Teaching" (PDF)
May 2 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Ian Duncan, UC Santa Barbara (Actuarial Mathematics) "TBA" (PDF)
May 9 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Robin Wilson, Cal Poly Pomona, "Symmetries of the Heawood graph and its spatial embeddings" (PDF)
May 16 1:05PM-1:50PM 3-1616 Prof. Eyob Demeke, CSULA (Mathematics Education) "TBA" (PDF)
May 24 12:05PM-12:50PM, reception prior 11:30AM-12:00PM TBA

2018 Distinguished Lecture

Prof. Deanna Needell, UCLA, (Applied Mathematics) "TBA" (PDF)

May 30 1:05Pm-1:50PM, 3-1616

Prof. Art Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College, "TBA" (PDF)

Past Colloquium Schedules