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Biophysics Minor


The following information pertains to the old quarter system. 

The cutting edge of biological research is increasingly intertwined with the approaches and ideas of physics. In the 21st century physicists are contributing perspectives as well as tools. The modern biologist must have a deep understanding of highly quantitative methods and theoretical models based on ideas from physics. For instance, research in cell biology is relying more and more on biomechanical and rheological models for the cytoskeleton and cellular locomotion, on statistical physics models of regulatory networks, and on very sophisticated models of molecular transport that go well beyond classic diffusion approaches.

A Biophysics Minor is an excellent way to get advanced training in the techniques and concepts of the physical sciences as applied to biology, to serve as a foundation for careers and graduate study at the interface of the physical and biological sciences.

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Biophysics Minor is now approved, effective 2015-16 academic year. The courses one needs to take

(For a description of the contents of these courses see the Catalog listings.)

Course Number Course Name Units
PHY 131/132/133 or PHY 121/122/123 General Physics or College Physics Series 9 units total
PHY 131L/132L/133L or PHY 121L/122L/123L General Physics Laboratory 3 units total
MAT 114/115/116 or MAT 130/131/132 Analytical Geometry and Calculus or Tehnical Calculus 12 units total
PHY 234 EM waves, optics, special relativity (Winter only) 3 units
PHY 235 Modern physics, Quantum mechanics, atomic physics (Spring only) 3 units
PHY 344, BIO/PHY 410, BIO 431/L, PHY/BIO 461,462 Applied Optics, Biophysics, Radiation Biology, Senior Project At least 8 units from this list
BIO 459/459L,BIO 310, BIO 575, CHM 417, CHM 304/304A ,BIO 581/581L, KIN 304/304L, KIN 412/412A Bioinformatics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Advanced Topics in Biology, Computational Chemistry, Elements of Physical Chemistry, Transport across cell membranes, Introduction to Biomechanics, Movement Anatomy and Kinesiology At least 8 units from this list

For more information on signing up for a Biophysics minor, contact Prof. Nina Abramzon of Physics and Astronomy Department or Prof. Sepehr Eskandari of Biological Sciences Department.