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Committees | Semester Conversion

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring achievement of a coordinated and comprehensive campus-based plan for conversion from quarter to semester. The committee shall be convened and led by the Semester Conversion Director. More information about faculty Assigned Time Distribution is available.


  • Conversion Director, Chair of Committee
  • Project Manager
  • Chair of Academic Senate
  • Students (2)
  • University staff member
  • Academic dean
  • Faculty
  • Co-chairs of conversion subcommittees


Administrative Services

Oversee the modification of campus business and administrative service systems, including review of policies, procedures, schedules, etc.

Co-Chairs: Chair of Senate Budget Committee and Associate Chief Financial Officer



Develop and oversee a comprehensive strategy for supporting and advising students

Co-Chairs: Senate Appointed Faculty and Academic Affairs Representative

Advising Subcommittee Membership

Advising Subcommittee Charter



Maintain ongoing up-to-date communication with internal and external audiences using multiple media

Co-Chairs: Executive Director of Public Affairs, Senate Appointed Faculty member

Communications Subcommittee Membership


Curriculum Coordination

Oversee curriculum conversion across academic units, including review of policies, procedures, schedules, etc.; identify units with coinciding and/or conflicting interests and facilitate cross-college consultation

Co-Chairs: Chairs of Senate GE and AP Committees and at large Associate Dean

       Curriculum Conversion will make use of existing committees and curriculum approval policies:
    • Department curriculum committees led by department curriculum coordinator
    • College curriculum committees led by college curriculum coordinator
    • Office of Academic Programs
    • University Curriculum Committee
      OR Senate Academic Programs Committee
      OR Senate General Education Committee

Curriculum Coordination Subcommittee Membership

Faculty Affairs (existing Academic Senate Committee)

Review policies and procedures for semester conversion impact

Chair: Chair of Senate Faculty Affairs Committee

Faculty Affairs Committee Membership


Student Administration Services

Oversee transition of admissions, financial aid, registration and other enrollment management functions, including review of policies, procedures, schedules, etc.; develop and oversee articulation plans with community colleges

Oversee modification of campus technology systems; coordinate with the Chancellor’s Office on integrated systems

Co-Chairs: Chair of Senate Academic Affairs Committee, AVP for Enrollment Services and Associate CIO for Enterprise Applications

Student Administration Services Subcommittee Membership



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