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Welcome to Staff Council

Welcome to Staff Council

The Cal Poly Pomona Staff Council has the unique distinction of having been one of the first organizations of its kind in the California State University System when the Kellogg Staff Council was formed during the 1962 – 1963 year to officially represent nonacademic employees. Today Staff Council continues as a vital campus organization comprising 25-30 staff members from all divisions of Cal Poly Pomona.


Since its formation, the fundamental purpose of Staff Council has been to engage in service to the campus community. Staff Council endeavors to enhance the recognition and worth of each staff member through its community service efforts. Staff Council hosts the following activities as funds allow:

In addition, Staff Council supports various fundraisers for community outreach and offers support to the Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float Committee. General Meetings.

2018 Spring Boutique

>2018 Spring Boutique Flyer

2018 Spring Boutique Flyer

2018 Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship Application

Download the Application Document

2018 Outstanding Staff Application

Download the Application Document

2018 Outstanding Department Application

Download the Application Document

Staff Appreciation Week 2018

2018 Staff Appreciation Week

Amelia Hammond Fundraiser Winners

2018 AH Fundraiser


  • 1st Place: Beats by Dre Headphones: Dr. Megan Stang - Housing Services
  • 2nd Place: Hyperice Vyper Roller: Teri Gallegos - Financial Aid
  • 3rd Place: Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation): Carla Torrence - Enterprise Applications
  • Athletics -Billy Bronco Bobble Head Gift Basket: Kyung Huh - Geography & Geographical
  • Credit Union - $50.00 Cash Prize: Rachel Dominguez
  • Aromitizers W/Essential Oils (2): Nora Fernandez - Foundation, and Pam Anan - University Library
  • OSLCC - Gift Basket (Blanket, Pad-folio, Coffee & Water Mug): Carla Torrence - Enterprise Applications
  • Stainless Steel Rose Float Mugs: Rudy Casillas - Regristrars Office, Debra Poe - Foundation, Nora Fernandez - Foundation, and Lore Gravino - University Library
  • Cal Poly Theatre Tickets: Dr. Byron Howlett - Division of Student Affairs and Emma Gibson - Interim University Library Dean
  • In & Out Gift Cards: Reyes Luna - University Housing, Pearl Viggers - Biological Sciences, Sue Baird - Philosphy Department, May Tang - Enterprise Applications, Genny Munoz - Financial Aid, and Anan Hamdan - Engineering Dept
  • LA Observatory Annual Pass: Dr. Terri Gomez - Interm Assoc. VP for Student Success
  • Vince’s Spaghetti Dinner: Dustin Johnson - Reading, Advising & Mentor Program LRC
  • Candle Light Pavilion - Theatre & Dinner: Tim Lynch - Strategic Communications
  • Golf Club House Buffett: Paula Grott - Engineering Technology
  • Scandia Amusement Park: Luis Bohon - Political Science
  • Movie Tickets: John rotuni - College of Engineering
  • Ringer – Doorbell Security: Lore Gravino - University Library
  • Starbucks Gift Cards: Saul Ramirez - Financial Aid, and Maribel Foster - College of Agriculture
  • Primm Valley Resort - Stateline - 2 nights lodging ($250.00): Aaron Neilson - Foundation
  • Morongo Casino Resort Spa - $100.00 Spa Gift Certificate: Maribel Foster - College of Agriculture
  • Mary Kay spa Gift Basket: Nancy Daugherty - University Library
  • San Gabriel Mission PLayhouse - 2 tickets: Isabel Sam - Registrars Office
  • $25.00 Bronco Bucks: Francisco Vitela - Facilities

Staff Emeritus


Staff Council Hosted the Staff Emeritus on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM to honor this years retirees who were awarded the title of Staff Emeritus.

In 1981, the title of Staff Emeritus is awarded to retiring staff employees who meet certain criteria including: a minimum of 10 years of service to the University; outstanding performance in a position; demonstrated support of University programs; beneficial support of University philosophy; exceptional personal contribution to the University; active participation in University-wide activities. Staff Emeritus privileges include the following: Gratis parking, use of the library, admission to campus events, use of facilities and discount coupons are extended to emeriti upon personal presentation of an Emeritus I.D. card by the owner of the card.

2017 Staff Emeritus

2017 Staff Emeritus Award Recipients

  • Richard Barron, Custodial, ASI
  • Sam Berry Jr, Custodial, Housing
  • Ricky Cass, Media Vision
  • Jennie Chew, Student Aid Accounting/Cashiers
  • Cora Culla, Administration, ASI
  • Charles DeCarlo, Landscape Services
  • Jimmie Flanagin, Disability Resource Center
  • Kellee Flanders, Theatre and New Dance
  • Beverly Geuting, Campus & Web Apps
  • Clare Hoke, ENV Dean’s Office Support
  • Janet Humble, College of Education and Integrated Studies/Credentials
  • Robert Hutchinson, AVP Finance & Administrative Services
  • Cynthia Johnson, Health Services – Mandatory
  • Brenda Kelly, Disability Resource Center
  • Sherrie Kerber, Children’s Center, ASI
  • Kenneth Kerkhof, Public Safety
  • Reginald Keys, Custodial, Housing
  • Donald Kingwill, Public Safely
  • Donna Leonard, Parking Services
  • Susan Martinez, Health Services – Mandatory
  • William McCowan Jr., Academic Tech Support
  • Joann Moraga, Custodial Services
  • Cynthia Moraza, Project Coordination
  • Janet Noll, Music
  • Tamara Patterson, College of Education and Integrated Studies/Credentials
  • Becky Pepping, Procurement Office
  • Lynn Redman, Registrar’s Office
  • Susan Reese, Administrative Tech Support
  • German Reyes Jr., Utility Plants
  • Janet Rice, IT Service Support
  • Sandra Richmond-Morton, Human Resources Services
  • Elsa Rodriguez, Custodial Services
  • Karin Schott, Campus Web Apps
  • G. Paul Storey, Administration, Foundation
  • Catherine Taylor, Facilities Administration Services
  • Merry Tio, Dining Services, Foundation
  • Eliane Townsend, Financial Services, ASI
  • Mark Vandusen, Engineering Dean’s Office Support
  • Jocelyn Wagar, Accounting Services
  • Linda Wilson, Office of Admission & Outreach

Congratulations Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship Awardees

Staff Council hosted a celebratory reception on Tuesday, November 7th to honor the four Amelia Hammond scholarship awardees, who are deserving staff whom are continuing their educational dreams.

The Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship was created in 1979 by name sake, Amelia Hammond, who was a Cal Poly Pomona staff employee from 1962 to 1980. She served on Staff Council and founded the scholarship program to assist staff members in achieving their educational and professional development goals. Amelia Hammond died in June 2003, and the awards continue in her memory. Staff Council extends its congratulations to our Amelia Hammond Staff Council Scholarship Awardees.

2017-2018 Recipients

2017 Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship

  • Marybelle Foster, Administrative Support Coordinator, Dean’s Office at the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture. Marybelle is working on her Bachelors in Agriculture Science.
  • April Jimenez, Procurement Coordinator, Procurement & Support Services. April is pursuing her Master’s in Public Administration.
  • Patricia Moses, Office Coordinator, Learning Resource Center.  Patricia is pursuing her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology.
  • Maria Vitela, Custodian, Facilities. Maria is pursuing her Associated Arts degree.