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About Cal Poly Pomona

Why Cal Poly Pomona

A Polytechnic Approach

Cal Poly Pomona is one of only three polytechnic universities of the 23 California State University campuses and 11 in the nation.

The classical meaning of polytechnic is “skilled in many arts.” At Cal Poly Pomona, it means more than that. Here, we weave technology and hands-on learning experiences into our academic programs, bringing textbook concepts to life in a technologically advanced and multicultural world. Students also experience a broad-based education through our general education program. All of our academic disciplines embrace the teaching of theory through application. We take a multi-faceted approach to problem solving, looking at a situation from all possible angles. A biology student might use digital image analysis to monitor the growth of a virus. An urban and regional planning student might use GIS (geographic information systems) to chart the shrinking of low-income housing in an urban area.

This focus on actions and solutions turns our students into skilled workers, integrative problem solvers and well-balanced leaders.

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Learning By Doing

When you set out to learn something new, there’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and seeing how things work. When you graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, you won’t just know theory. You will be acutely aware of your edge in knowing how to solve real-world problems. So will employers and clients.

At Cal Poly Pomona, you’ll learn the latest thinking and the most innovative and effective ways to get a job done. Whether it’s a journalism student interning for a local newspaper, a political science major placed at city hall for a special project or an animal science student with the opportunity to birth a foal, Cal Poly Pomona students learn by doing.

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A Diverse Community

Cal Poly Pomona benefits from a richly diverse community reflective of the greater Los Angeles area.
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Affordable and Accessible

Cal Poly Pomona faculty and staff believe the transformative power of higher education should be within reach for anyone, regardless of family wealth, race or gender.

Quality Learning Experience

The college experience at Cal Poly Pomona isn’t just a series of classes and exams. It’s a special time and place--one that’s ripe with opportunity. All you have to do is step up and take it. For whatever kind of student you are, Cal Poly Pomona offers programs inviting you to make the most of your education.

Well Ranked

When it comes to quality education, affordability and career prospects for graduates, Cal Poly Pomona consistently ranks among the best universities in the country. Each ranking category is a snapshot of achievement, but taken collectively, these snapshots provide a picture of a diverse, learn-by-doing university whose students graduate with the skills needed to succeed in a dynamic, evolving work environment.