Academic Planning and Faculty Excellence

Fall 2022 Calendar

Overview of Fall 2021 Admission Period
Applications will be accepted into any program up to the admission deadlines published on the Cal Poly Pomona website. For current information regarding admission application deadlines, please check the website or contact the major department.
Overview of Fall 2022 Academic Instruction
15-Week Session
Beginning of college year June 1, 2022
Beginning of semester for faculty August 22
Classes begin for all students August 25
Classes end for all students December 11
Finals December 12 - 18
End of semester for faculty December 23
Grades due at 9:00 a.m. December 23
Grades Finalization Date January 9
Overview of Fall 2022 Scheduling and Registration Deadlines
15-Week Session
Last Day to Apply Registration Holds to Student Records February 18
Registration Advising Period March 28 - June 17
Priority Registration Period April 11 - 12
General Registration Period April 13 - June 3
New Student Orientation (tentative) June 8 - August 5
Fee Bills Posted to BroncoDirect July 1
Fees Due July 21
First Enrollment Cancellation Due to Non-Payment July 26
Late Orientation (tentative) August 8 - 12
Add Period: Students may register & add classes online August 15 - September 8
Drop Period: Students may drop classes online without record August 15 - September 8
Second Enrollment Cancellation Due to Non-Payment August 23
Last day to drop and receive 100% refund August 24
Last day to drop classes without course being recorded September 8
Class Withdrawal: Students may continue to withdraw from classes online. Students will receive "W" grades but may petition for "WX" grades. September 9 - 22
Census September 22
First day to withdraw for serious and compelling reasons; permitted by petition only September 23
Last day to apply for current semester graduation October 28
Last day to drop units and receive a pro-rated refund of Tuition & Fees November 1
Last day to withdraw by petition for serious and compelling reasons and receive a "W" November 18
Last day to withdraw by petition for serious and compelling reasons and receive a "WX" December 18
Overview of Fall 2022 Holidays
HOLIDAYS Fall 2022 Semester
Holiday Closure - 09/05/2022 - Labor Day September 5
Holiday Closure - 11/11/2022 - Veterans Day November 11
Holiday Closure - 11/24/2022 - Thanksgiving Day November 24
Holiday Closure - 11/25/2022 - Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples Day*) rescheduled from 10/10/2022 November 25
Overview of Civic and Voter Empowerment for Fall 2022
Constitution Day September 17
National Voter Registration Day September 28


4-Week Winter Intersession is fully online.

This is not to be construed as an employee work calendar. Certain collective bargaining agreements covering CSU employees may expire prior to the last date indicated on this calendar. For employees in these bargaining units, any holiday(s) or campus closure(s) listed subsequent to the expiration of the current agreement(s) are tentative and subject to negotiations with the appropriate exclusive representative.

* Several U.S. states as well as many cities in California now observe the second Monday in October (Columbus Day) as Indigenous Peoples Day. California Governor, Gavin Newsom, recently proclaimed the second Monday of October in 2019 (October 14, 2019) as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”