BroncoDirect Beta

BroncoDirect Beta: Launching November 2019

A new and improved version of BroncoDirect is coming to MyCPP in November 2019.

An updated, mobile-friendly redesign makes it easier for you to navigate your Student Center. 


Preview BroncoDirect Beta's New Look

The Student Center in BroncoDirect Beta

The Student Center Menu in BroncoDirect Beta

My Class Schedule in BroncoDirect Beta

MyPlanner in BroncoDirect Beta

My Academics in BroncoDirect Beta

Account Inquiry in BroncoDirect Beta

Financial Aid Award Summary in BroncoDirect Beta

The Conversion Guide in BroncoDirect Beta

Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two difference between BroncoDirect Beta and BroncoDirect Classic: the overall look of BroncoDirect, and the new comprehensive menu that makes it easier to find what you're looking for. If you register for a course, apply for graduation, make a payment, or take care of other business in BroncoDirect Beta, you are making changes to your student record. 

You do not have to use BroncoDirect Beta. The beta version will eventually replace the classic version, so you should get comfortable with it and share your feedback with the BroncoDirect team.

You can access all of the functions you're used to in BroncoDirect Classic.

In your MyCPP student portal, there will be a button for BroncoDirect Beta in the Popular Links menu.

If you have any questions about BroncoDirect Beta, use the feedback form link in the bottom of your Beta Student Center.

If you are experiencing issues with BroncoDirect Beta, use the feedback form link in the bottom of your Beta Student Center and include as much information as you can. As the BroncoDirect team works to resolve your issue, use BroncoDirect Classic. If the issue persists in BroncoDirect Classic, contact the IT Help Desk for troubleshooting.