California Center for Cyber Risk


CIS Information Security and Forensics Sub-Plan 

CIS is an option for the degree of Business Administration. CIS Students can choose a track in Information Security and Forensics Sub-Plan. These courses map to NSA Knowledge Units. The CIS Department provides an education in Information Systems that gives a student:

  • Depth and breadth in information systems theory and practice.
  • A chance to work on real-world problems, often with clients from industry.
  • Opportunities to learn-by-doing. CIS has a hands-on pedagogy for learning.

The CIS program gives students a broad business foundation with a deep specialization in information technology. This foundation gives students rudimentary knowledge of accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations management and international business.

As of fall 2022, CIS students also take a sequence of five courses that are specific to cybersecurity in addition to the department core courses which include Java, Python and database.

Students are required to take the following five courses to complete the ISF track.

  • CIS 2650 Contemporary Operating Systems (3)
  • CIS 2670 IT Infrastructure (3)
  • CIS 4670 Network Security (3)
  • CIS 4710 Information Security (3)
  • CIS 4810 Computer Forensics (3)