International Business and Marketing


Advising basics

IBM students have several different avenues for obtaining academic support. 

  • The CBA Student Success Center (SSC) provides academic and peer advisors for degree completion. The can provide general academic information, GE, and business core classes. They also provide assistance in the completion/processing of various University forms. They are located in the CBA (Building 164, Room 1060) and also offer convenient virtual sessions.
    • For example: "How many classes do I need to graduate?" "What GEs do I need to take?"
  • The IBM department provides advising specific to major/minor courses.
    • For example, "Is digital marketing right for me as a career?" "I have two potential classes I could take this semester, which class' content best supports my career goals?"
  • IBM 2000 is a required class or IB and MM students that provides academic support to discuss degree completion and career readiness. We recommend you take IBM 2000 as soon as possible when coming to CPP as it has important information that will be valuable to you early in your CPP career. This is also a prerequisite for other classes in the major.


Find your IBM advisor

All IBM students either have an International Business (IB) or a Marketing Management (MM) major. Within those majors there are Emphasis tracks which allow you to specialize in a field or topic.

  • For IB majors, your advisor is assigned by last name.
  • For MM majors, your advisor is assigned by Emphasis.

Your advisor's office hour schedule can be found here. Please email them directly if you need to schedule an alternate meeting time. Expand the grey boxes below for more information.


  • Students' last name between A-F - Tarique Hossain
  • Students' last name between G-M - Cindy (Xin) Liu
  • Students' last name between N-S - Erkan Ozkaya
  • Students' last name between T-Z - L. Lin Ong

Your Subplan/Option advisor can provide additional advising on your Emphasis choice (Entrepreneurship, General Marketing, or Logistics).

For additional subplan/option information, click here.

Go to the advisor for your chosen Emphasis:

  • Consumer Insights & Analytics - Jing Hu, Jae Min Jung, Randy Stein
  • Digital Marketing - Elif Ozkaya, L. Lin Ong
  • Entertainment - Frank Bryant, Anthony Kim
  • General Marketing - Juanita Roxas, Jun Myers, Yufan (Frank) Lin
  • Promotion - Frank Bryant, Elif Ozkaya, Jun Myers
  • Professional Selling - Jared Oakley, Megan Good

For additional subplan/option information, click here.

  • Change of Major - Juanita Roxas, Cindy (Xin) Liu
  • Double Major - Juanita Roxas, Cindy (Xin) Liu
  • Study Abroad Advisor - Juanita Roxas
  • Internships - Jing Hu