Ethnic and Women’s Studies (EWS – GEMS major)

Upcoming Info Sessions

Attend an information session on either Sunday, February 7, 2021 or Monday, February 8, 2021 to learn more about being a Gender, Ethnicity and Multicultural Studies (GEMS) major or minor! GEMS students gain knowledge about race, ethnicity and sexuality. They're also trained on how to live, work and lead in today's diverse society. Download our event flyer to get more details. 

***Jan 19, 2021 - New EWS Courses

EWS Depatment has opened a new section of EWS 3010, Section 8 with Dr. Ayanna Jamieson and a new section of EWS 4450, Section 2 with Dr. Haiming Liu. If you have questions or need help with registration contact Erica Ben at

Living, working and leading in today's diverse, multicultural society

Through the GEMS (Gender, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies) degree you’ll earn in EWS, you’ll acquire a comparative and expansive understanding of our diverse, global society. You’ll gain skills in social inquiry and critical thinking, along with the valuable ability to work well with people of different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, and gender identities. 

Our department at Cal Poly Pomona is a pioneer in the development of interdisciplinary Ethnic and Women’s Studies encompassing all ethnicities as well as gender identities. Other universities have separate majors or departments such as “Asian Studies”, “Latin American Studies” or “Women’s Studies.” Our combined GEMS major truly reflects the richness and diversity of our world today.

Justice, equality and the skills to make good things happen

Our program combines academic study and “service learning:” involvement in community projects that give you first hand experience in helping to build a more just and democratic society. day of the dead celebrationYour hands-on work in the community is illuminated by the study of history, politics, theory and culture. Your academic insights come to life in real-world involvement where you learn skills of management and collaboration. We balance the study of why inequality exists with ways to make a real difference. From the exciting Day of the Dead celebration we host for the entire Cal Poly Pomona campus, to our work with women in prison (college preparation classes and transition preparation) ) to our Native American community garden focusing on native foods, you’ll be an agent of positive progress. By empowering others, our students empower themselves – it’s a two-way street. 

Career possibilities and opportunities

Become a leader and innovator in any field. Our program prepares you to enter law, community service, government, teaching, social work, public policy, public health, urban planning, as well as graduate or professional schools. Or enter our Education Department and earn your credential, Master’s or doctoral degree. 

Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)

The EWS Department invites interested parties (students, alumni, faculty members to submit comments about:
Dr. Shayda Kafai for Action: Pre-RTP
Written comments should be signed, dated and include a Bronco ID number and sent to:
Dr. Alvaro Huerta, Chair of DRTP by Wednesday, February 1 by 5:00 pm
Thank you for your interest in this important process.