ITEP Program

Integrated Teacher Education Program: Education Specialist

What is the ITEP Program?

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is a combined 4-year bachelor’s degree and credential program for students desiring a Special Education (i.e., Education Specialist) credential. It allows students to receive their bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, as well as their preliminary special education credential with an authorization in either mild/moderate disabilities or moderate/severe disabilities. ITEP is a full-time program, but because it is more cost effective and time efficient, students can get into their own classrooms a whole year earlier than traditional programs. In response to the looming teacher shortages in special education, the goal of ITEP is to help fill that gap and to provide a more direct route for students wanting a career that truly makes a difference and changes lives.

Why Get an Education Specialist Credential?

Teaching children with different abilities is not ordinary, routine, or like any other career. It is a profession in which you can make a difference and significantly impact the lives of children, youth and their families. Through effective teaching methods, collaboration, and caring support, you will empower students who thrive when understood and appreciated for their unique talents and contributions. As a special education teacher, you will be an advocate, a leader and an instructional expert as you partner with general education teachers, parents and other members of an interdisciplinary team to propel students to reach their full potential.