Collins College 2nd Annual Celebration of Research

April 17, 2020

Students of The Collins College are engaged in cutting-edge research in the hospitality industry. The Collins College is proud of our student researchers and celebrates their accomplishments. This year, we would like to introduce 10 student researchers. Each student works with a faculty advisor to develop their research project.

Our featured student researchers, Hayley Ho (undergraduate student) and Gigi Nguyen (graduate student) introduce their research in the videos below. Following the videos, you can see other student researchers along with abstracts of their research projects.

Below you will see two students featured for this year's Celebration of Research. They each have a photo, bio, and a video presentation. Following that, you will find 8 other students (in no particular order) who also participated with their attached abstracts.

Hayley Ho

Hayley Ho: Robots and Hotels- Are they worth the high investment cost? (Advisor: Dr. Kelly Min)

Hayley Ho is a fourth-year student at Cal Poly Pomona studying Hospitality Management at the Collins College, with a minor in Marketing. She is serving as the Emeritus President of the club: Hotel, Resort, & Destination Professionals while being affiliated with Eta Sigma Delta, The Kellogg Honors College, and Cru. While pursuing her degree, she also works in Food & Beverage at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum which recently won Hotel Opening of the Year. Hayley enjoys going on property tours, playing her ukulele, chatting with international students, and playing board games with her friends and family. After graduation, Hayley plans to intern with Cru/Epic as an international intern and would like to work abroad in Singapore one day.

Gigi Nguyen: Ban the Box- After preliminary job interview (Advisor: Dr. Linchi Kwok)

My “Gigi” Nguyen is a student at the California Polytechnic State University at Pomona where she is finishing up her Master Program in Hospitality Management. She previously joined the opening team at the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel Hotel and worked as the front office supervisor. She received her BS in Hospitality Management in 2017 and focused her work experience in front office operations. She hopes to shift her focus to Human Resources in Hospitality in the future with the goal of boosting her existing skills. Gigi recently got married and is currently enjoying her new power of winning all arguments.

Gigi Nguyen

2020 Participants Abstracts and their Faculty Advisor

Below is a list of the additional 8 students who participated this year in research and their faculty advisor.

Ian Zhou

Readiness among hotel consumers to accept robotic customer service (Advisor: Dr. Wan Yang)

Mingyu Wu

The impact of hotel attributes and brand familiarity on purchase intentions- The case of French leisure travelers in the USA (Advisor: Dr. Wan Yang)

Heena Sikand

Important service quality attributes for Millennial at boutique budget hotels (Advisor: Dr. Neha Singh)

Christine Wang

Effect of environmental dimensions that influence behavior intentions (Advisor: Dr. Jamie Sun) button

Jihye Park

The impact of augmented reality mobile apps on exhibition visitor satisfaction (Advisor: Dr. MJ Lee)

Bun Yeung (Byron) Lee

Inclusion within the wedding industry for LGTBQ+ people (Advisor: Dr. Jamie Sun)

Aksharaa Baratan

The effects of empathy and perspective taking on emotional labor and burnout (Advisor: Dr. Kelly Min)

Jiyoung Hwang

The impact of interactive mobile applications on guests' intention to use in hotels (Advisor: Dr. MJ Lee)

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