Faculty Members Join a Two-Day Training Workshop of RevSim

August 14, 2019

Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry (HRT4860-3 units) is the new subject in the Lodging Series due to a recent change. As future hotel managers, students must be able to optimize revenue in various ways. Some Collins College faculty members wasted no time when it came to providing the best opportunities for our students. 

Initiated by Dr. Wan Yang, several faculty members including Dr. Michelle Yoo, Patrick Lee, Sungsik Yoon, Don St.Hilaire, Eddie Mao, Li Ge, Jamie Sun and Jason Zhang joined a two-day training workshop of RevSim which concluded on August 14. This workshop familiarized them with the software and helped them understand how to adopt it in order to benefit our students.

Revenue Management Simulation (RevSIM) is a hands-on software for our Lodging Series students to practice in HRT4860. It offers students real-time competitions within a realistic market dynamic and helps cultivate students’ strategic thinking and analytical skills through a technology-facilitated innovative learning experience.

Hotels compete in real-time within the realistic market dynamics of a competitive set of hotels. The simulation delivers skills in anticipating demand, optimizing availability and pricing in order to deliver commercially sustainable results. We are excited to be a part of this hospitality technology.