2020-21 Student Organization Leadership Announced

April 24, 2020

Last Friday, the Hospitality Management Council celebrated the newly elected student organization leadership via Zoom. 
Led by current HMC President, Audrey Nieves, the meeting consisted of introductions of all the new upcoming leaders, opportunity drawings and heartfelt words.

"To all our incoming leaders, the next year is all yours, so get to planning and remember that we're here for you to support you in all of your endeavors," Nieves said. "Congratulations again to you all. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do, and please continue to take care of yourself and stay safe. I hope to see you all again in the future!"

The Collins College is proud of its students and their continued efforts to rally student morale. We are proud to announce the newly elected leaders for the 2020-21 academic year. 

HMC: Hospitality Management Council
  • President – Irina Grigorian
  • Vice President – Sienna Sanchez
  • Director of Finance – Albert Sandoval
  • Director of Communications – Shanti Huang

ASEP: Association of Student Event Planners

  • President - Jaclyn Holliday
  • Vice President- Meri Krier
  • Director of Finance – Mychael Jackson-Brown
  • Director of Communications – Sarah Navarro
  • Director of Activities - Byron Lee
  • Director of Fundraising - Hanna Saidatunnisa

CMAA: Club Management Association of America CPP Student Chapter

  • President - Sam Stapish
  • Vice President - Jesus Quezada
  • Secretary - Rebeka Shapiro
  • Treasurer - Thu Rein
  • Conference Chair: Amanda Sanders

FBP: Food and Beverage Professionals

  • President – Emily Fedorchek
  • Director of Events- Sara Siu
  • Director of Finance – Emily Peng
  • Director of Communications –Lisette Ramirez

HRDP: Hotel Resort and Destination Professionals

  • President- Olivia Isidro
  • Vice President – Janelle Salem
  • Director of Communications –Devon Clifton
  • Director of Finance – Oleksandra Polishchuk
  • Director of Activities - Esmerelda Reyes

NSMH: National Society of Minorities in Hospitality CPP Student Chapter

  • President - Estine Kim
  • Vice President - Selina Phung, Kristin Gong
  • Director of Finance - Adrian Lim
  • Director of Activities - Selina Phung
  • Director of Communications - Heidi Kim
  • Fundraiser Chair - Antoine Boado

ESD: Eta Sigma Delta Honors Society

  • President – Eric Le
  • Vice President – Joselyn Ung
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