Dr. Yang Receives Rare Tourism Management Desk Acceptance

November 2, 2020

Associate Professor Wan Yang's research, “Tourism Experiences vs. Material Purchases: Effects of Eudaimonic Consumption Motive on Consumers’ Reactions to Invidious Comparisons,” received the following desk acceptance from the associate editor of Tourism Management, a leading international journal that has the highest impact factor in the hospitality and tourism field.

“In my role as a regional editorial these past five years, I have evaluated seven papers that I believe are so unique and well-crafted that I have recommended they bypass the traditional peers review process, and go straight to the widest number of peer reviewers (e.g., readers of Tourism Management). This paper is one of them. Hence, I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript has been accepted for publication.”

The research paper provides an assurance to tourism industry by revealing the stronger resistance of tourism experiences to invidious comparisons due to its natural advantage of implicitly cultivating eudaimonia. 

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About Tourism Management:

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