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Cal Poly Pomona Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

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Integrated Care Network

Cal Poly Pomona is committed to providing support to students to address any issues that may be impacting their academic and personal success.

Cal Poly Pomona values our students’ success not only academically but emotionally and physically. The Behavioral Intervention Team was developed to create a network of professionals from across the Cal Poly Pomona campus that are committed to the prevention, education, and early intervention to assist students in distress while providing support and resources to faculty and staff.

The primary goal of the Behavioral Intervention Team is to provide timely support to our students that will provide the greatest chance of success while providing the greatest level of protection for our community.

What is YOUR role?

If you SEE SOMETHING then SAY SOMETHING. Submit a Broncos Care for Broncos form if you observe and/or are made aware of any behavior that is concerning, leaves you worried, and/or alarmed.

Sometimes it may be hard for students to ask for help when they need it.

When in doubt, please reach out to the Care Services Coordinator for a confidential consultation at or 909-869-5286.

What is B.I.T.?

CPP's Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.) is a group of campus professionals who respond to reports of disruptive or troubling behavior. 

Reasons for reporting an incident

Care Services Coordinator

The role of a Care Services Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona is to support students who may be experiencing personal, academic, or social concerns.


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