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Welcome to the home page of the Cadence Users Group at Cal Poly Pomona. Students obtain practical experience in advanced electronics design using state-of-the-art CAD tools, computing and laboratory facilities.

Cadence products used in classes in the ECE Department

  • ECE 109/L- Intr. to Electrical Engineering/Lab
  • ECE 207/L- Network Analysis I /Lab
  • ECE 209/L- Network Analysis II /Lab
  • ECE220/L Electronic Devices and Circuits /Lab
  • ECE 307/L- Network Analysis III /Lab
  • ECE325/L - Electronic Design of Digital Circuits /Lab
  • ECE 405/L- Communication Systems /Lab
  • ECE 415/L - Digital Design using Verilog /Lab
  • ECE 424L - State Machine Desing using VHDL Lab
  • ECE 418 - Integrated Circuit: Design & Fabrication
  • ECE 423 - VLSI Circuit Design
  • ECE 400 - Special Problems - NASA PAIR Team Project
  • EGR 481/EGR 482 - Senior Project Design /Lab
  • EGR 558 - Computer Arithmetic
  • EGR 594 - FPGA Design Lab
  • EGR 691/692 - Master's Project
Verilog testting

Cadence products used in research in the ECE Department

  • Dr. Brita Olson - Camera on a chip
  • Dr. Yi Cheng - Computer Vision
  • Dr. Yi Cheng - Hardware/Software Co-Design
  • Dr. Yi Cheng & Dr. Meng-Lai Yin - DNA Sequence Matching
  • Dr. Halima El Naga
  • Dr. Saeed Monemi
  • Dr. Rajan Chandra
  • Dr. Toma Sacco

FPGA Board

PSpice ADC

Test chip containing CTIA, current reference and comparator
By: Iain Chalmers, Anthony Drake, LiChun Huang, Alexander McKee, Charles Ritenour, Ron Salloum
Advisor: Brita Olson

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