Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Courses*

ECE 518 Performability Analysis
ECE 525 Embedded Systems
ECE 540 Systems Theory
ECE 541 Object Oriented Approach to Software Design
ECE 542 Digital Image Processing
ECE 543 Stochastic Processes
ECE 544 Communication Theory
ECE 548 Solid State Electronics
ECE 551 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 552 Introduction to Neural Networks
ECE 554 Wavelet Theory and Applications
ECE 555 Microprocessor Based Control Systems
ECE 558 Computer Arithmetic
ECE 559 Computer Networks
ECE 560 Information Theory and Coding
ECE 561 Advanced Microprocessors
ECE 562 Advanced Microwave Engineering
ECE 563 Solid State Microwave Devices and Circuits
ECE 565 Radar Signal Processing 
ECE 566 OFDM and CDMA Systems 
ECE 570 Smart Grid in Power System 
ECE 571 Digital Integrated Circuit Design in VLSI 
ECE 582 Digital System Testing
ECE 585 Computer Organization
ECE 586 Satellite Communication
ECE 588 Biological Control Systems
ECE 589 Antenna Theory
ECE 596 Research Methods (2)
ECE 599 Photonics
ECE 599 Embedded Systems 
ECE 640 Systems Theory
ECE 642 Digital Control Systems
ECE 643 Optimal Control Systems
ECE 644 Advanced Communication Systems
ECE 651 Advanced Signal Processing
ECE 652 Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE 685 Advanced Computer Organization

*In this list all but ECE 5960 are 3 unit classes

One Unit Lab Courses
ECE 592L Microcontroller Applications Lab
ECE 593L DSP Applications Lab
ECE 594L FPGA Design Lab
ECE 597L Wireless and Digital Communications Lab