Web Development

Faculty Sites

IT now offers faculty websites through the Cascade content managment system.  Faculty websites can be used to list

  • Biography
  • Office hours and contact information
  • Classes taught
  • Accomplishments
  • Publications
  • CV 
  • etc.

It is recommended to post class materials in Canvas and to not use the faculty sites for this purpose.

Getting Started

Please follow these steps to get started with Cascade Faculty Websites:
  1. Log into Cascade using your BroncoName and password: https://cascade.cpp.edu
  2. Click 'Site: Go to a Site' (top-left corner), then choose 'Faculty'
  3. In the left pane, hover over the folder labeled with your BroncoName
  4. Click the right arrow (˃) that appears next to your folder
  5. Click 'Add Content' (top of page)
  6. Click 'Faculty Index Page'
  7. Leave the 'Page Name' and 'Placement Folder' fields as is
  8. Enter your name in the 'Title' field
  9. Fill in the remaining fields as you desire (Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk are required)
  10. When done, click the 3-dot menu (upper-right; next to 'Preview Draft')
  11. Click 'Submit' (Note: The subsequent preview of your new web page will not be accurate -- please disregard it)
  12. Click 'Publish' in the upper-right corner
  13. Click 'Publish' again