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Cascade user group Meeting Minutes videos

Here are the meeting minutes videos from the previous Cascade monthly user group sessions, the links are authenticated and you should be part of the Cascade user group if you would like to have access to those videos please submit a ticket.

Title Date Video Link
New Website Request Dec-10-2020 Watch Video
Free Q&A Session Jan-14-2021 Watch Video
Add/Remove Access, Add Columns to a content page Mar-11-2021 Watch Video
Images and alt text, Add featurette content page Apr-08-2021 Watch Video
General info and topics related to Cascade May-13-2021 Watch Video
Links in Cascade. updates to 25 Live and Publishing issues Jun-10-2021 Watch Video
Workflows in Cascade Aug-12-2021 Watch Video
Navigation and Menus in Cascade Sep-09-2021 Watch Video
Organizational Chart May-12-2022 Watch Video
Horizontal Navigation Jun-09-2022 Watch Video
Hot Topics and Updates Aug-11-2022 Watch Video
MS Forms Demos Nov-10-2022 Watch Video
Accessibility Overview Jan-12-2023 Watch Video
Image resizing and cropping using Photoshop and Cascade Feb-09-2023 Watch Video
Breadcrumbs Mar-09-2023 Watch Video
New Web Development Tutorial Site Apr-13-2023 Watch Video
New Options of the Add Content Menu May-11-2023 Watch Video