This is Our Polytechnic Advantage

Cal Poly Pomona is an epicenter for creativity, discovery and innovation.

Since our founding in 1938, the university has offered a unique education steeped in experiential learning. We are the nation’s most diverse and inclusive polytechnic university, and we take seriously our responsibility to provide a challenging, enriching education that helps prepare students to be ready for the world on Day 1.

Students prep a rocket for a test launch

The Cal Poly Pomona Way

Academic excellence is central to our mission at Cal Poly Pomona. Our emphasis on hands-on learning means we reach beyond the textbook to provide knowledge through experience. We promote creativity, discovery and innovation. We inspire critical thinking, collaboration and community engagement, and the way we integrate technology helps ensure that our graduates are career ready. We proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity. This is our polytechnic advantage.

One Team. One Goal. Student Success.

We have an unwavering commitment to our most important asset — our students. We have played an integral role in shaping their growth and development for 80 years, and we will continue to do so through a lens of creativity, discovery and innovation.

Students attend summer orientation.
Diagram of the eight elements of the inclusive polytechnic education

Elements of Cal Poly Pomona's Inclusive Polytechnic Education

Each element represents an integral component of Cal Poly Pomona as an inclusive polytechnic university. When applied together and in a synergistic fashion, these elements give powerful expression to the educational experience of our students.

  1. Application of Knowledge
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation
  4. Diverse and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
  5. Integration of Technology
  6. Collaborative Learning
  7. Community and Global Engagement
  8. Professional and Career Readiness