Learn by Doing

Application of Knowledge: We teach theory through a variety of methods and then reinforce those concepts through active, hands-on activities that relate to today’s opportunities and challenges.

Points of Pride

Success Stories
4 students hold a rocket

Dreams Ignite

An intrepid group of Cal Poly Pomona students and faculty has embarked on an ambitious journey to develop liquid-fueled rockets with the goal of being the first university to launch a rocket into space. 

Video: Liquid Rocket Lab 

Melissa Hearvy checks the color of batter at Nutrion class
Laszlo Adrasi holds model of a Mars habitat

Life on the Red Planet

Architecture and civil engineering students design living quarters that could travel 34 million miles to Mars and unfold into a functional habitat for astronauts.

Video: Building a Habitat for Mars 


Clark Rucker

At Cal Poly Pomona, Clark Rucker pursued his interests in technology and aerospace engineering.

Emily Nguyen

Chemical engineering alumna makes some of the world's favorite chips.

Adam Hain

Educational multimedia alumnus tapped to advance e-learning at Apple.