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Creativity, Discovery & Innovation: Our academic programs connect theory, practice, and research, and are focused on creativity, discovery and innovation.

Points of Pride

Success Stories
CPP and NASA start up team

On a Mission

Improving lives with new products may sound like a lofty goal, but for Cal Poly Pomona students participating in the NASA-CPP Business Startup Program, it’s the mission.

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Fashion Forward

For Jesus Mancera, those plastic bottles discarded into trash bins aren’t just treasure — they’re fashion. He recently launched streetwear company that transforms recycled plastic into T-shirts.

See How Plastic Becomes Fashion 

Jesus Mancera
Faye Wachs, Paul Nissenson and Juliana Fuqua

Trio of Professors Recognized for Innovation in Learning

Three faculty members use data and technology to transform an engineering course to improve students' learning outcomes.

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Maria Alvarez

Alumna encourages women and students of color to pursue careers in STEM fields and leadership roles.

Jose Gomez

"College is a place where people are supposed to discover themselves," says alumnus Jose Gomez.

Matthew Kuykendall

Matthew Kuykendall was a fifth-grader when he was introduced to robotics. The experience sparked his interest in technology and engineering.