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Points of Pride

Success Stories
Mariachi Los Broncos

On a Cultural Note

Cal Poly Pomona's Mariachi Los Broncos strikes a chord with a diversity of students.

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I Am First

About a third of Cal Poly Pomona students are the first in their families to attend college. The stories of their journeys, including the struggles and successes, are reminders that their goals are within reach and that there is not one set path to success.

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Daynie Rivera
Linda Lopez

American Dream

As the chief of the Office of Immigrant Affairs in Los Angeles, Linda Lopez connects new Angelenos to LA's diverse community.

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Alumna helps women and students of color with financial needs to pursue technical or computer science majors.

Maria Alvarez

Alumna encourages women and students of color to pursue careers in STEM and leadership roles.
Oscar Menjivar

Oscar Menjivar

Oscar's technology nonproft in Los Angeles opens doors to college and careers.
Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett

By sharing his personal struggles, Matt steers children and teens on the right path.