Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

About Us

Scholarship is the essential component of institutions of higher education.  It is the creative force that moves society in a positive direction, enhancing the quality of life and promoting economic growth.  Scholarship involves faculty, students, and staff alike.  Scholarship improves teaching and learning and is an important component of the hands-on learning that is Cal Poly Pomona.  The Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development (ORIED) supports scholarship at Cal Poly Pomona. We serve not only as the portal for grant and contract proposals, but we also support researchers in proposal preparation and development (through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - ORSP).  We help to ensure that our researchers follow federal and state regulations in their research, with oversight of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human subjects research and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for vertebrate animal research.  Our office also supports faculty in relation to intellectual property, technology transfer and protections for export control.  We provide workshops for faculty in all of these areas.  Finally, our office administers two intramural awards: (i) the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (RSCA) awards, and (ii) the Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Grants (SIRG). We encourage faculty to visit our office, attend our workshops, and submit a grant proposal!

  • Pre-Award
  • Financial Post-Award
  • Non-Financial Post-Award

  • Education and Evaluation
  • Negotiating and Securing Agreements
  • Marketing Intellectual Property
  • Licensing
  • Other Agreements

  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Animal Research Facility
  • Export Controls
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee

  • Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Faculty Minigrants
  • Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program (SIRG)

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Organizational Chart

  1. Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

    Craig LaMunyon, Interim AVP

    1. Administrative Coordinator II

      Kristil Mejia

    1. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

      1. Director

        Anastasia Rutherford

        1. Administrative Assistant


        2. Assistant Director

          Shari Jackson

        3. Grants and Contracts Administrator

          Suzanne Avila

        4. Grants and Contracts Administrator

          Maria Robledo

        5. Sr. Grants and Contracts Administrator, Emeritus

          Lynn Baltazar

        6. Grants and Contracts Administrator, Emeritus

          Carol Keating

    2. Research Compliance

      1. Office of Research Compliance

        1. Research Compliance Coordinator

          Maya Monges-Hernandez

      2. Animal Care Facility

        1. Coordinator

          Cynthia Tessler