Google ExploreCSR: Explore Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Pathways

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Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science Department and Google Research Present

The abilities to collect, transform, store, analyze and manage data for data-driven decision making are becoming essential for tech companies and businesses. Many industries are eagerly seeking data scientists in different domain context to grow their workforce. At the same time, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence techniques have been widely applied by researchers in various application areas across disciplines, and have made significant difference in the scientific fields.

Our Google exploreCSR program on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Cal Poly Pomona in AY 2023-2024 aims to engage 30 undergraduate students from Cal Poly Pomona and Mt. San Antonio College in a series of workshops and try-out research projects in areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

This program features a series of workshops in January 2024 and DS/AI research project try-out opportunities in Spring 2024.

Who can apply:

Undergraduate students in Computer Science or other related majors at Cal Poly Pomona or Mt. San Antonio college who are expected to graduate after May 2024. We especially encourage historically marginalized groups of students to apply.


How to apply:

Application for 2023/24 have closed.


What to expect:

Accepted participants are expected to 

  1. attend a series of workshops in January 2024 in person at Cal Poly Pomona (January 18-20);
  2. engage in research try-out by enrolling in a project course such as CS4610, CS4620 or equivalents in other departments during Spring 2024;
  3. participate in program assessment online surveys.

Each participant will receive food support (gift card) of $180.

The workshops will include 4 modules:

  • Research methodologies and ethics in computing: lectures and case studies on best practice for undergraduate research, academic writing and presentation skills, etc.
  • DS/AI hands-on technical training (afternoon sessions on workshop days).
  • Research projects show-case: invited talks by researchers from academia and Google.
  • Inclusive and Supportive Research Community: several 1-hour long seminars and panel discussions on topics of identities in research community, scholarship and research opportunity sharing, graduate school application, etc.


Tentative Timeline

Application deadline: 12/04/2023

Notification to applicants: 12/19/2023

Workshop schedule finalized 01/10/2024

Workshop Day 1: 01/18/2024 (Thursday), 9am-5pm at Cal Poly Pomona

Workshop Day 2: 01/19/2024 (Friday), 9am-5pm at Cal Poly Pomona

Workshop Day 3: 01/20/2024 (Saturday), 9am-5pm at Cal Poly Pomona

Enroll in a project course (CS4610, CS4620 or equivalents in other departments) in Spring 2024


Program Contact

Dr. Markus Eger (

Dr. Tingting Chen (