Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Preparation for Graduate School

The Cal Poly Pomona LSAMP program has a variety of activities designed to Improve LSAMP Student Competitiveness for Admission to Graduate School. The 2010-11 LSAMP Graduate Preparedness Program in collaboration with SEES and MEP will consist of the following activities designed to attract, expose and support our upper division students to the variety of opportunities and programs available for graduate study.
  • Sponsored travel to four local universities, USC, UCLA, UC Irvine and UC San Diego, for our students to visit and meet with the various STEM graduate programs at each campus.
  • A Summer REU/Graduate School preparation workshop (TBA). We propose to have local graduate school recruiters present their programs. In addition to the recruiters, we will have a presentation on summer REUs as well as, the Cal Poly Pomona LSAMP research program.
  • A STEM graduate school career fair in the fall of each year.
  • A library of GRE books and study materials in the LSAMP office.
  • LSAMP will pay for the GRE examination and/or preparation course for 10 seniors who will be taking the GRE.
  • LSAMP will pay for graduate school application fees for graduating seniors.
  • LSAMP will send at least 10 students to the Southern California Forum for Diversity on Graduate Education.

Contact our campus coordinators for more information: