Pasadena City College-Cal Poly Pomona STEM Pathway in Environmental Sciences

Boundaries traditionally separating disciplines in science are disappearing as we enter an age of new complex problems (global warming, loss of biodiversity, pollution, disease, etc.), requiring an integrated approach across the breadth of disciplines in the life, physical sciences and technology. The workforce needed to carry out complex environmental initiatives require participation of many disciplines and ways to effectively communicate to succeed.

With funding from the Department of Education, Pasadena City College has partnered with Cal Poly to enhance multidisciplinary education in the environmental sciences. This collaborative grant focuses on improving pathways for PCC students interested in continuing their Environmental Science careers at Cal Poly Pomona. The grant also provides support for students to use their knowledge through hands-on projects, collaborative research, and participation in faculty-lead field experiences. The goal of these activities is to promote professional development of ES students and to provide a clear transfer pathway to completion of STEM degrees.

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