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Student Event Fund

Student Event Fund

Student Event Fund

Important Update: April 16, 2024: Student Event Fund Applications for the 2023-2024 Academic Year are reopened. The last day to apply is April 30. You must travel before May 15, 2024.

The Student Event Fund supports CPP individual students and clubs/organizations with funding for professional engagement opportunities, conferences, certifications and more!

  • Review the CPP Travel Website for all policies on what is reimbursable. As of January 12, 2024, the complete CSU Travel Reimbursement Procedures can be found here in the CSU Policy Library.
  • Applications will be reviewed monthly and are due by the 15th of each month. If you have an event to attend or need to travel, your application must be submitted at least one month before the event/travel date.
  • Note: Though clubs and organizations may apply for conference travel or events, it is preferred that students apply individually. Please come to SELS during normal business hours to discuss how to split up expenses for group travel.
  • After the conclusion of travel, all documentation must be submitted within seven (7) days. This usually includes complete original itemized receipts, a full conference agenda/schedule, or a conference certificate of completion. Send all receipts to
  • SELS takes up to two weeks to organize your reimbursement packet. Once it is complete, you will be sent a signature request from Adobe Sign.
  • Upon your signature in Adobe Sign, your packet will be sent to Accounts Payable.
  • It may take up 2-3 months depending on the complexity of your reimbursement packet.  

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Student Event Fund Application

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Reimbursement Tips


  • Save every single receipt
    • Each receipt must show it was paid by cash or credit card with the last four digits of the card
    • Credit card statements/screenshots from a credit card statement are not enough for reimbursement
    • Reimbursable Expenses
      • Conference: registration fees
      • Travel: airfare, toll, gas for a rental vehicle (not personal vehicle), train, rideshare or taxi, bus, subway, parking fees
      • Meals: itemized receipt showing all items ordered for the meal
  • You cannot be reimbursed for 
    • Use of travel points, reward points, a gift card, or a credit card that is not in your name
    • For Rental Cars that are not from Enterprise Car Rental Company
    • Upgraded seats on a flight, train, or other transportation beyond economy
    • Driving to a location if flying was cheaper
    • Any split receipts where your credit card's last four digits are not listed as being charged 
  • Send us your
    • Conference or event schedule
    • Evidence of attending the conference or event
      • Certificate
      • "Thank you for attending the conference" message
      • Picture of your name badge
    • All receipts
    • A picture of your credit card that matches all charges you wish to get reimbursed for
      • Blocking out all information except the last four digits and your name