Conversion Guide
Use the Conversion Guide to determine what your remaining quarter curriculum requirements translate to in semesters. 

Conversion Guide

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Quarter v. Semester GE Tool

Conversion Guide Disclaimer

The Conversion Guide is continually being updated with course information. Please check back frequently for up-to-date information. 

The Conversion Guide is not meant to replace a student's academic planning tools, including the Degree Progress Report and MyPlanner. When you're using the Conversion Guide, make sure you have access to your Degree Progress Report, Transfer Credit Report, curriculum sheet, roadmap and any course planning notes from your previous advising meetings. These tools will help you find the courses you need and fill out your MyPlanner with your semester courses. 

Explanation of Course Equivalency

Be sure to read the comments for any course in the Conversion Guide. 

TBD means that the quarter to semester equivalency is to be determined. Work with your academic advisor if you need to take a course that has this Detail.

1 to 1 means that one quarter course has translated directly to one semester course.

1 to Many means that one quarter course has become multiple semester courses. Pay special attention to the Comments for these classes. 

Many to 1 means that many quarter courses have become one semester course. Pay special attention to the Comments for these classes. 

Quarter Only means that the course was only offered in quarters and there won’t be a semester equivalent.

Semester Only means that the course has been newly created for semesters and that there isn’t a quarter equivalent.


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