Handbook and Advising Resources

Quarter v. Semester GE Tool

Semester Conversion Concept Videos 

Understanding Your Curriculum Sheets

Understanding Unit Conversion

Your Semester Conversion Toolbox


Your academic advisors.

Work with them to draft your transition plan. Find the advising directory on Student Success Central.

Conversion Guide

The Conversion Guide.

Use this to find out how your remaining quarter degree requirements translate in semesters. It’s on the Semester Conversion website.

Degree Progress Report

Your Degree Progress Report.

Use this to find out what degree requirements you have left to complete. It’s in your BroncoDirect Student Center.


Your MyPlanner.

Use this to map out your longterm academic plan. It’s in your BroncoDirect Student Center.


The Unit Conversion Calculator.

This tool can help you figure out how quarter units convert to semesters. Find it here


The University Catalog.

Use this to find official university policy and course information. Find it here